Friday, May 05, 2006

The Sultans Elephant

The Sultans Elephant

Flickr set of the first day here


Annie Mole said...

Good set of pictures. Did a lot of people turn up to see it?

Fimb said...

I was really lucky that I got there early. The first load of Elephant pics there was hardly anyone there, and when I walked up to the spaceship there weren't many people. But by the time the girl came out of it, it was pretty rammed in Waterloo Place, and when I went back down to Horseguards Parade I couldn't believe how it had filled up!

But they really are so huge that you can still see easily over a crowd.

Just beware sunburn. Sunburn in early May in London?! Madness!

Stroppycow said...

Yay for new cameras :-)
I couldn't believe how quickly St James' Park appeared to fill up as the little girl went for a walk.