Sunday, April 23, 2006

Chocolate Tasting Box 2

(click to go to flickr for notes on which choc is which!)

Little Water Truffle by Peters
Milk Chocolate Vodka Truffle
8.5/10 Lovely and smooth.

Graceland by Paul Vincent and Bruyerre
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Chocolate cup, with sweetened peanut butter with milk chocolate ganache with creme de banane liquer. Topped with white chocolate and crushed peanuts
6/10 Good texture, but tasted like medicine!.

Santiago Dark by Valentino
Smooth hazlenut praline with conflakes, topped with a white jumbo raisin.
8.5/10 Gorgeous, though the raisin wasn't very exciting

Pecan Butterscotch by Ickx
Butterscotch in a milk chocolate shell with a half pecan pressed in the top.
8/10 Sweet, but the flavours worked very well together

Victorian Garden by Helen Ireland and Van Coillie
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Light, rosemary flavoured butter cream, with a dark chocolate and then white chocolate shell.
5/10 Not nice. I'm not a big butter cream, or white chocolate fan anyway, but the rosemary really didn't work. Too much of a savoury flavour for me.

Nero by Bruyerre
Dark chocolate and cream ganache, flavoured with coffee and amoretto, covered in milk chocolate.
9.5/10 Wonderful! I normally detest amoretto, but this just all worked together so well, and melted perfectly in the mouth.

Palet Citron by Van Coillie
Dark chocolate ganache blended with real lemon and cointreau, in dark chocolate with a peice of candied lemon on the top.
8.0/10 Very fresh tasting. Zingy *L*

Swiss Milk Chocolate Baton
Higher cocoa content than is usual, for deeper cocoa and caramel flavours!
8/10 OK. Nothing special and a slightly strange tang to it.

Sao Thome 72% Dark Chocolate Baton
From small island of Sao Thome off the western coast of Africa.
9/10 Wonderful. Rich and smooth, though the flavour didn't seem to last.

Bianca by Daskalides
A whole hazlenut, surrounded by fluffy mocha buttercream, all on a layer of hazlenut praline, in white chocolate
8/10 Mmm. Very smooth and yummy!

Chocolate Mousse by Ickx
A milk chocolate cup filled with a light and fluffy mousse inspired ganache with a dark chocolate lid, sprinkled with cocoa nibs.
8/10 Should have been perfect. Wonderful textures, but lacking something in flavour.

Gianduja Cup by Coppeneur
Crisp dark chocolate shell, then soft milk chocolate ganache and finally a nutty gianduja made with piedmont hazlenuts piped on top.
8.5/10 Lovely textures, and good nutty flavour, but it didn't linger.

Jardin Amandes by Daskalides
Inspired by the Lava rocks of Mount Etna (!!). Caramalised almond "rocks", on a smooth hazlenut praline in dark chocolate cup.
8/10 Really nice. Wonderful textures

Advocaat Cup by Hermes
Thick advocaat at the base thickened with white chocolate, topped with a layer of hazlenut praline blended with peices of crushed nougat in a milk chocolate cup, topped with milk chocolate mixed with nougat.
8.5/10 A little too sweet for me, but stunning texture thing going on!

Cognac & Orange by Coppeneur
Real cream ganache blended with natural orange and cognac in a milk chocolate shell
9/10 Mmm, orangey. Loses the point for lack of interesting texture, and a little strong on the alcool taste

All in all..
A really good box. No really evil ones (though the rosemary came close!).


stroppycow said...

Have you noticed as well with rosemary how less is so much more unless you like your dinner to taste like a big mouthful of soap, or is that just me?

Fimb said...

Ooh, a comment :) I really must set it up to email when someone comments!

I'm not a huge rosemary fan actually. Its nearly always too strong. A nice hint of it can be wonderful though - I just think my ex's mother WAY over used it, and we had to go there for a badly cooked roast every sunday!

Annie Mole said...

I really like these chocolate reviews. I must use up my Hotel Chocolat voucher right now!

Jon Allen said...

Umm, making me drool just reading about those choccies.